Our Services

Greetings to all,

As a community Emmaus Church has spent the better part of 2016 seeking the Lord to discern His will concerning the near and distant future of Emmaus. After months of prayer, fasting, seeking wisdom, ect… The Lord has called for our expression of worship that takes place Sunday mornings in N.E. Portland to come to an end for His gospel DNA to be released into the city in various ways.

Starting the month October, Emmaus Church will no longer gather for Sunday morning worship at 1425 N.E. Dekum street.

Emmaus will gather for one final service the morning of October 30th at 11:00am in our current location in celebration of all the Lord has done in 10 years of life and ministry in N.E. Portland. And lastly, an expression of Emmaus will launch in the gresham/fairview area January of 2017 with more details in the weeks to come.

If you have been involved in the life of Emmaus throughout our 10 years of ministry in N.E. Portland at any point and in any way, THANK YOU! Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for walking along this journey with us. And thank you for partnering with us on the mission of Jesus.

May the LORD continue to provide, guide, and secure as we look toward the future.

Grace & Peace